swarping means: SWAPING AROUND: It meant a man was not henpecked. This meant that he was out drinking and chased women. (in Community Dictionary, added by Erico Jiménez)

What else does swarping mean?

  • This is usually done in fall. If you are unable to travel with your friends or family, or if you feel that it is necessary, then take a ride on a jeep or small truck, departing at dusk. Swarping is done to get a Buck male deer. This creature can only be seen by the first person who sees it. Continue this process until you have purchased the last treat. Swapping is more than just searching for Bucks. It involves taking the backroads and the boonies as well as “grandpa’s shortcuts”. It’s basically getting lost. Swapping is an enjoyable bonding activity that’s suitable for everyone. Ice cream is the ultimate treat. Appalachian Americans and rednecks are the most common people who perform the act of swarping. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nia Lynn)