Painal means: An anal form of sex which causes 43 times more pain than its counterpart. (in Community Dictionary, added by Irene Copeland)

What else does Painal mean?

  • Anal sex can cause extreme pain. This is usually the case with the first attempt. However, it has also been reported to happen in sober women. It can also be used to refer to the initial few minutes of anal entrance. Painal is a term that describes the intense pain experienced by men when your rectum hurts. It usually occurs in social situations or board meetings. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darien Dyer)
  • A person who exhibits annoyance that is either physical or emotional; look at the pain in your ass. (in Community Dictionary, added by Silvia Álvarez)
  • The abbreviation of “painful” is painal. It can also be used to describe something a girl might like, or even enjoy simply because her man enjoys it. Sinnistar is one of the many websites that are specialized in painal. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gabriel Fernández)
  • A penis, or a proxy suitable for this purpose is delivered to the anus so forcefully that it causes immense pain. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mikaela Caldwell)
  • If she is a masochist, anal sex can hurt really badly or very well. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arturo Todd)