noassatall means: Female who doesn’t have any ass. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charles Osborne)

What else does noassatall mean?

  • It says. There is no gluteous maximus. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marshall Hayden)
  • This is a disease that affects about half of all Hispanic, Asian and white women. Although some black women may also be affected by noassatall it is a small and disappointing percentage of all black women. This is when a woman doesn’t have any booty, just flat cakes. Sometimes women can be a bit shady with their noassatall. They may take photos to make it appear as though they had an ass. Other tricks are to make women appear larger than they really are. The leggings illusion is when you see her from far and it appears like she’s got an ass. But, closer inspection reveals that she actually has noassatall. Butt implants are a cure for noassatall. PadNicki Minaj eating it or eating till your ass gets fat is another option. You don’t need an ass if you don’t. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nigel Richard)
  • There is no ass. It’s a run on the word of southern slang. (in Community Dictionary, added by OctavHeyday)
  • Flat ass Disease: (in Community Dictionary, added by Lilianna Ingram)
  • To not have any ass. (in Community Dictionary, added by Monserrat Shepherd)