Krocsyldiphic means: Marcus Krocsyl’s mathematical formulas are used to study physiokinesiological dynamic using bioinformatics as well as the computer tools that allow for computation. Marcus Julian Krocsyl, a Turkish mathematician, used the “Leiden Classical” model of molecular dynamic to solve problems in the field physiokinesiology. Krocsyl avoided the computational limitations associated with quantum mechanics when studying human movement. He used Newtonian classic mechanics. His formulas were placed in the established framework of bioinformatics, which opened new avenues for physiokinesiology research. All of the above is fictional. Krocsyldiphic, a fictional term introduced to real-life use by “South Park,” is an example of a word that has been made into slang. This is an example of how difficult it can be to spell. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maddison Pope)

What else does Krocsyldiphic mean?

  • A quality that resembles krocsyldiph. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sincere Doyle)