Kegeling means: Kegeling, which is a form of exercise that strengthens the pelvic floor and solves certain medical problems, can be done. These exercises can also be very beneficial for sexual health. Although Kegeling is often thought to be a men’s exercise they can also benefit other people. Histories Arnold Kegel invented Kegeling in 1948. Dr. Arnold Kegel invented the procedure to aid women suffering from incontinence after childbirth. Health Benefits The Kegeling prevents both urinary and fecal problems in men and women. Kegeling is used to prevent pelvic prostheses. This refers to when the woman’s internal organs (such as her uterus) slip out of their normal place. It is also used to prevent men from experiencing prostate pain. It can also make it easier to push and help prevent bleeding during childbirth. Sexual Benefits Both men and women will enjoy more orgasms, and a greater sense of sexual pleasure with Kegeling. Kegeling increases blood flow and can therefore improve erections. Muscles Affected The pelvic floor muscles are strengthened by Kegeling, which includes the pubococcygeus and PC muscles. These exercises can have an impact on the urethra and vagina as well as the cremaster, testicles, and anal canal. The Kegel Exercise The Kegel is a way to clench your pelvic floor muscles while you pee. (in Community Dictionary, added by Randy Hogan)