histrionic means: A woman who is physically attractive may have a psychological issue. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elliott Burgess)

What else does histrionic mean?

  • This can be used to identify 70 percent of the teens and the middle- to upper class members of society. (in Community Dictionary, added by Inés Cortés)
  • Attention-grabbing, exaggerated drama A person with Histrionic Personality disorder fits at least five of these: 1. feels uncomfortable when he/she isn’t the centre of attention 2. Interaction with other people is frequently marked by sexually provocative or seductive behavior 3. Rapidly shifting expressions of emotion. 4. Consistently uses your physical appearance to attract attention to yourself 5. uses a stil of speech that is too impressionistic and lacks detail 5. shows theatricality and self-dramatization. 6. exaggerated expressions of emotion. 7. can be suggestive, meaning that it is easily affected by other circumstances or people 8. Seems to consider relationships more intimate than they really are. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tucker Zhang)
  • Actors or the act of acting. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Overly dramatic, emotional or affected. (in AZ Dictionary)