Goyf means: Let go of your emotions (in Community Dictionary, added by Mylie Cortez)

What else does Goyf mean?

  • You need to get over yourself. (in Community Dictionary, added by Trent Hoffman)
  • It is a player in the Magic: the Gathering Community who engages with experience-ruining behavior for others. Originating from “Tarmagoyf”, a card that is well-known for being expensive and popular in modern formats, the word got its original meaning. Goyf refers to an overly competitive mentality that would allow you to spend large amounts of money to buy a single card and win 40 playmats. This is combined with making fun of other players for their conflicting choices. This is not the same as buying high-end cards just to enjoy your hobby. Therefore, A Goyf has a negative view of individuals and groups who don’t adhere to meta-ideas. Goyfs is known for its most prominent behavior, which includes, but is not limited to: Limitation in creativity when deck building. Also known as net-decking Pro-Tour Decks. Inability to think outside of the box. Condescending at casual events is a problem, particularly when it comes to rulings or towards younger players. Goyfs may get angry about bad play or loss. Disrespect for other players and excessive swearing Criticizing decks of other players for cards that aren’t compatible with common net-decks. Overall, a sloppy attitude to anything that isn’t conventional. For added humor, you can also use the word Goyf in combination with other words or phrases. Eg: Goyf uck yourself, Goyflings, Goyfettes, Goyfachini Alfredo, Perogoyfs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amani Shaffer)