gipster means: Someone who’s hipster, but isn’t able to fully commit to being goth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fernando Díaz)

What else does gipster mean?

  • A description of someone that comes across as gay while still being hipster. (in Community Dictionary, added by Saniya Larsen)
  • Gangster+hipster = gipster Appearance: Cut-off skinnies and v-necks. Stunted belts. Facial scruff, mustache, manks tanks. Bling, shades. Most clothes purchased from UrbanOutfitters. Lean Yum You must be able to shed the blood sign or lean like a hipster. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tori Waters)
  • A gipster, which can be mistaken for a gay hipster, is in fact an older hipster. An older hipster is one who has reached the age of 25. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camryn Kline)
  • An example of a gay hipster. Alternative gays that prefer to attend straight parties associated with hipsters. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ramon Mcneil)
  • The gay hipster is a bisexual, sometimes homosexual male who has ties to indie music. This group has a lot of talent. Allen, Trier and Almodovar are all well-known for their elegant films. They also have a wide range of music, including Joanna Newsom’s Ys, Broken Social Scene and Final Fantasy. Many people can make art regardless of their skill or ability. etc. Many times vegans and vegetarians, with some European exceptions. Statistically, either a Taurus (or a Gemeni) is the most likely. You can speak at least one language. French and Swedish are common languages; Swedish is almost mandatory. Sex and the City and Skins are important for TV, along with Absolutely Fabulous, an ironic series that Lifetime: Television for Women reruns. Roseanne and the Golden Girls are two of their most popular shows. These people smoke marijuana and drink alcohol frequently. They will be attracted to major gay-friendly areas, such as the Bay Area or Chicago. Later life Librarians; well-known for their sense of fashion. (in Community Dictionary, added by Julia Fuller)