Flandering means: 1. The act of making people have fun. 2 Can also be used to gain tiles by using a superhuman power. 3. Another variation of “Raindancing” (in Community Dictionary, added by Adolfo Fuentes)

What else does Flandering mean?

  • Verb. To flander. It is a Ned Flanders-like friendliness that allows others to walk right over you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Warren Sellers)
  • Proselytizing is the act of evangelizing or proselytizing, often with a self-deprecating and annoyingly humble demeanor. Named after Ned Flanders, a popular cartoon character. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darien Dyer)
  • Unintentionally confusing your listener by trying to have a conversation. In the same sentence, approving and rejecting a topic. It is to open a discussion on a topic, then change topics. You may find the flanderer sober or drunk. The rapid succession of words “yea,” “yea”, and “no, no… no” can be heard. (in Community Dictionary, added by Raegan Casey)