Cumdozing means: If you are masturbating and fall asleep. You can fall asleep while masturbating for many reasons. It’s usually because you feel exhausted and overwhelmed while masturbating in your bed at night. You may also find it difficult to locate a computer nearby so that you can just fantasize about a beautiful, slender, thigh-high, blond woman. However, you fail to see a female enough to make him jizz in the pants. Sometimes, you may fall asleep due to the excitement of sleeping feeling better than that of chocking the chicken. However, this is not something you realize until halfway through the “Jerk Off Sesh”. Sometimes the porn is so awful that it causes you to fall asleep from pure frustration. It’s possible to accidentally end up cumming in a dream during which you are having a bad night. Although it is rare, this happens occasionally. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisco Chapman)