choomer means: Chooming is the practice of having someone touch you. An adult-child who is still in the adolescent stage of physical touch. To express their emotions, Choomers depend on male physical touch pawing. They display their unique self through physical touch. A choomer, in Freudian terms is an undeveloped teenager whose pleasure principle overrides his ego. His reality and moral imperatives are second to the fulfillment of his childlike wishes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cassius Larsen)

What else does choomer mean?

  • The act of touching, cuddling or mock-wrestling with a person. These actions can be humorous and are often performed in high spirits after drinking or at the gym. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jane Rivera)
  • Choomer can be defined as “someone who acts in a particular way with friends and is confident that any recipients of chooming acts feel no animosity towards the choomer because they are engaging in the act of chooming”. The definition includes, for example, cuddling, talking about Carry On movies, and scumming down. This definition would not apply to a choomer who proposes to another choomer in order for sexual pleasure. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roman Singleton)