Zyzz means: Australian bodybuilder, who was killed in 2011. Zyzz is well-known for his Zyzz Legacy. Everyone should be true to their own opinions and not worry about others’ thoughts. Zyzz was a well-known bodybuilder and advocated the notion that “if it’s your dream, you can get it.” You can work hard to get what you want. Zyzz is a motivational speaker that has inspired people all over Australia to chase their dreams, no matter how difficult they may seem. Zyzz is regarded as a hero in his community and is highly respected for being a member of the labour class. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cael Snow)

What else does Zyzz mean?

  • One of many Gods of Body Building. Zyzz will make you a better person. You will train until you become fu_king disgusting. Steroids will be your lifeline. To the most extreme hardstyles, Frensh Core, and other forms of partying, you will be unstoppable. The planet has heard. You can be what God wants you to become, an exact copy of His appearance. Aziz Shavershian, the man. Together with his brother, he made bodybuilding in Australia a cult favorite. Zyzz may be gone, but his spirit lives on through every Zyzz follower. He was the one who invented stereo slurr pumping. He wanted to party hard and get up to speed. His ego was huge, but he had good intentions. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicole Robinson)
  • We are more than capable of downfall. (in Community Dictionary, added by Repetend)
  • Lowrey is the name given to a man who lives in England. He is a master of aesthetics, and he loves to listen in on his bedroom’s loud music. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laylah Riley)
  • This is the epitome in aesthetics. (in Community Dictionary, added by Champu)