Zoppity means: Party without any ladies (in Community Dictionary, added by Keyon Simon)

What else does Zoppity mean?

  • Zoppity can be used to refer to something other than “fire” (in Community Dictionary, added by Cassie Rocha)
  • 1. used as an adjective to describe the uncompromising coolness of pimp shit or insanely sick shit. 2. a noun meaning money This term was first used in episode 18 of the third season of The Office. MICHAEL: Show me the zoppity! Craig Robinson’s Darryl Philbin, a character played by Craig Robinson, admits that he taught Michael imaginary “black men” slang. Episode 19: “Safety Training” from the 3rd Season. MICHAEL: This is a small treat for everyone. Darryl will be presenting in the warehouse. If I am familiar with Darryl it is going to be a lot of fun. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ivy Tapia)