Zonut means: Zonuts are part of Zoe laverne fandom. Some will stand by you, but others may not be as reliable. They will not tolerate bullying or lying. (in Community Dictionary, added by Breanna Peck)

What else does Zonut mean?

  • Zonuts are either nine or younger. The infamous Tik Toker Zoe Laverne is supported by zonuts. Zoe Laverne has a terrible influence. She is known for lying, cheating and even pretending to commit suicide. The Zonuts are often called “Hoenuts”, and they will do anything to get their idol’s attention. The most dangerous Tik Tok fandom is the Zonuts. They are known for bullying others fandoms and using the N-word. (in Community Dictionary, added by NutilSwish)
  • Exasperation over not being able to find a rhyme for another word. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reuben Whitaker)
  • The Zonut is an individual between the ages 8-13, but can also be older who likes TikTok Star Zoe Laverne. (in Community Dictionary, added by Monserrat Griffin)
  • A fan who loves Zoe Laverne is known as a tiktoker. However, they are a caring and nice people. While some of these people are quite mean, the vast majority are kind and caring. (in Community Dictionary, added by Edmundo Santiago)