Zohnerism means: It is the act of giving false, misleading information to scientifically illiterate persons. The chemical Dihydrogen Monoxide was banned from the public’s use by Nathan Zohner, a teenage boy. Zohner said the following about Dihydrogen Monoxide It is tasteless and colorless It can cause severe suffocation, especially when it is in liquid form. High temperatures can cause skin burns It can lead to a feeling that you are bloated or even cause death if too much is taken in. It is found in every stream, river and pond. All over the globe And so forth. Zohner asked his class to vote whether to ban dihydrogen monoxide. It was overwhelmingly voted yes. Zohner then revealed the secret: Dihydrogen Monoxide can be called WATER. Everything that he said about WATER is true. He just made it seem extremely dangerous. So, “Zohnerism” was created. (in Community Dictionary, added by Keyon Simon)