zimba means: One man who lives in Bni makada kdima, is very skilled at simping and can’t stop his porn addiction. He can’t sleep without jerking off. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jonas Pace)

What else does zimba mean?

  • Quavo’s exact-matching look. HUNCHO is his name. A haram enthusiast, he is part of a multi-cultural group of friends that participate in DJing. One of his friends takes photos of him with a camera and then acts as an Instagram influencer. He is a premed student, but he never attends class. Instead, he lets his friends take care of all the work. (in Community Dictionary, added by Milagros King)
  • An acronym for Zimbabwean people. (in Community Dictionary, added by William French)
  • Zimba is a recluse. He doesn’t leave the house, even if it’s on fire. Will feel pressured to leave the house once in a while, but he usually drinks so much that it makes him think that he is a scumbag. He then orders strange food from Sheetz, such as Seafood or Olives. He has a strange sense of humor and makes people laugh. Has a wonderful group of friends. Reminds one of John Belushi from Animal House. Would do anything to help his friends. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brooks Salinas)
  • Someone who is a loser or scumbag. Someone who bullies younger children and hangs out with them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Godofredo Cabrera)
  • A zimbo is another option for someone from zimbabwe. (in Community Dictionary, added by BabychisVolvox)