Zeugma means: Ligma and Sawcon. This is a great way to convince someone that you “Zeugma suck my dick”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pilar León)

What else does Zeugma mean?

  • 1. This is the rhetorical figure where a word can be used to alter or govern more than one word, but its usage is both grammatically and logically correct only with one. 2. A city that was founded in ancient times by Selevkos Nikoador, who was one of Alexander’s generals. The original name was “Seleukya Euphrates”, but it was renamed by the Romans 64 BC after its conquerors. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ricardo León)
  • Construction in which one phrase or word is used to fulfill a syntactic function in more than one clause or phrase, such as the verb Was In Her husband was downstairs, while she was upstairs. (in AZ Dictionary)