Zephyrhills means: Zephyrhills, a town in central Florida is called “lovely”. Here are the stories of some of the people who live in this small town. The 13-year old girl is slut, wears slutty clothing, has a new boyfriend each week, has sex all day and smokes weed. We have Zephyrhills Park and the Bowling alley. The movies are all that is left. Men smoke pot, drink all day long, skateboard and have sex with girls. The kids are always in danger and it’s hot. Adults live in trailers and aren’t concerned about their children doing silly things. Some kids attend shit schools with black and orange colors. Teachers don’t care and students generally fail every class. I don’t know how anyone can live in Zephyrhills. It is a terrible place. The smell is horrible. It smells bad. Avoid Zephyrhills if you find yourself in it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Catalina Bernard)

What else does Zephyrhills mean?

  • It is a small, poor town with 15 000 elderly people living and working there. It is quiet and empty of activities. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marcel Davis)
  • It is located about an hour north of Tampa, FL. This is Tampa’s City of Pure Water. Zephyrhills Water Co. is its home. The majority of the population lives in the City of Pure Water. The population triples in the winter months when these seasonal people are present. They are hated by the normal town population. Super Walmart was the talk of town. It was built around 10 years ago. High school students in Zephyrhills enjoy bowling, mudding and drinking as well as going to movies. A person who fails to escape Z-hills within five years or, if they are lucky, their last chance of leaving is at the end of life. Zephyrhell was my personal name for the town. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arnav Taylor)