zakirah means: She is the most incredible girl I have ever met. Her beauty and humor are unmatched. Even if it isn’t the most exciting thing she does, she always enjoys having a great time. Zakirah is a remarkable person. Although she is easy to talk with about any topic, she won’t discuss her own problems. She believes that others’ emotions are more important than hers. She is broken and suffering because no one knows. She doesn’t like it when people find out she’s weak or sad. She is resilient and can face any hardship with grace. She’s selfless, and will make great sacrifices to help someone she loves. Zakirah, a multifaceted character that is open to all people and can often be one of the friendliest and most approachable individuals you will ever meet, is an example of a universal character. Although she is stunning from the inside, her thoughts are a mess. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eugenia Crespo)

What else does zakirah mean?

  • Zakirah, who is very talented and artistic, is remarkable. Sometimes she is overthinking and compassionate. Although she may not be able to see every detail, if you explain it to her, she will pay attention and listen carefully. You will never be hurt by her. Zakirah prides herself on being unique. Zakirah is clear about her goals and knows exactly what she wants. Zakirah is obsessed with yellow and believes in bigger things than she herself. (in Community Dictionary, added by Persnickety)