z06 corvette means: It is a nice car by Chevy. It is very affordable. It is also a MUSCLE vehicle, not a sports car. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jonathon Cooke)

What else does z06 corvette mean?

  • Chevrolet made this American car. The car has 505 horsepower and this is its only positive feature. It is much cheaper than Mc.Donald’s toys. It has LEAF SPRINGS rear suspension. The appearance is simple and generic and no different from a Corvette standard. It could not compete with any similar imports from other countries. (in Community Dictionary, added by Caitlin Castro)
  • American muscle car. American hot rod enthusiasts love the Z06 Corvette. They want powerful engines and fast throttle response in their cars. The Z06 is equipped with a V8 engine, a stylish chassis and an efficient motor. However it lacks the speed and agility that many Japanese or European imports. Chevrolet’s 7.0-liter powerhouse still produces 100 horsepowers. If you aren’t biased about the origin country of your car, track performance enthusiasts may be open to considering a Japanese import that is cheaper but still performs as well. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fez)
  • It is a 427ci beast that costs 65k, and can be driven with cars three and four times its price. The car is quick at 1/4 and on the track. It is the second fastest car on the n-ring. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenya Fernandez)
  • It’s an affordable US sportscar that delivers great performance, but it isn’t as refined as the ones it wants to rival. The OHV 7.0L LLS7 small block is hand-built from aluminum and produces 505HP at 6300 RPM. It also has 470 lb-ft TQ 4800RPM, with a redline setting of 7000rpm. It is connected to an extremely close 6-speed rear transaxle. The chassis, which is hydroformed aluminum and magnesia-made, weighs in around 3130 lbs. It is constructed from composites and carbon fibre. The suspension is fully independent and has double wishbones at all corners. It also features dampeners, anti roll bars, and transverse single-ply springs. Leaf springs are not used in Corvettes like those found in older cars and trucks. Transverse leaf springs for Corvettes are the same as those used in coil springs. However, they allow the vehicle’s mass to be lower than the ground and permit lighter anti-roll bars to take on some of the load. Their main drawback is their higher price than coil springs. It offers a very high level of performance, especially considering its price. The Z06 is comparable to some of the most powerful production cars around. (in Community Dictionary, added by Keegan Bryant)
  • Chevy made the Z06 in 1963 for professional road racing. Z06 is still the most popular Corvette model. (in Community Dictionary, added by Excursive)
  • This is a very fast American sports car that has 405HP stock. This engine is 405 HP Stock. There is not a Honda, Acura, or other poorly-made import with 405HP stock. They are all garbage. Z06 Corvette, a fast car capable of smoking imports. Imports are trash, let’s face it. Although a Geo Metro can run 7s in a quarter mile, it’s still garbage. Like Hondas or other imports. (in Community Dictionary, added by Susana Romero)