Yuma Yummies means: Yooma yuumaes, noun. Yuma Yummies YY can be seen preying upon their favourite victims, young horny Marines. The YY can usually be recognized by the tattooed eyebrows that are sometimes painted, giving them an expression of surprise and constant amazement. Some YY’s are more sophisticated than others and have ceased using this method, making them unidentifiable as your average Yummy. Although it is harder to spot these deceiving hoodwinks, it is possible. Only by observing the true specimen, in its naked form, can one be sure. This procedure should be performed with extreme care. Unprotected sex can be dangerous and can result in the YY making a favorite move. Most cases it is both. Before you can disrob a YY it is important to ensure you have the means of escaping quickly by opening the door. Yuma Yuma Yummies have “stretch marks”, which are animal identification marks that indicate extreme obesity and pregnancy. Most cases, both. After a positive stretch mark is identified, you should vacate Motel 6. Do not grab your clothes. Instead, get your wallet and cellphone, and go like an MF’r. These heifers don’t have any. Your saving grace is cardio. This maneuver requires you to keep at arm’s reach of any disrobed YY. These tips will help you avoid Yuma Yummy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rory Sexton)

What else does Yuma Yummies mean?

  • This species is a member of the Mamal family and often lives in the Southern Moutain. This species is known for its ability to ruthlessly manipulate the thoughts of drunk Marines, leading them away. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marcial Blesa)
  • 1. Yuma’s vareity, fat and nasty bitches will either surrender to Marines at any moment or give you free drinks all night. 2. Yuma’s ball-and-chain prison is home to many Marines, as long as they have enough food and drinks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Angel Cannon)
  • Yuma Yummy’s origins: The USMC recognized the need to teach its pilots the six main functions of Marine aviation in 1978. In 1985, MCAS Yuma hosted the first Weapons Tactics Instructions Instructors Course WTI. This course was designed to improve the capabilities of USMC avaition units. This training was conducted by over 2,000 Marines who had to descend annually on Yuma, AZ every October. Get the Yummies! After the WTI Training Evolutions were completed, word spread quickly among a segment of Yuma’s obese and low-income women that October was the best time to go to bars. These women preyed on drunken, lonely Marines over the past two decades. Why choose Yummies Yuma Yummies is a popular name because it uses alliteration and has a poetic tone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Coprology)