Yu Yu Hakusho means: It was cool. Then they removed it from Toonami. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rodrigo Calvo)

What else does Yu Yu Hakusho mean?

  • This was a great show which once brought enlightenment and renaissance on Cartoon Network. But the people who run the network wanted to replace it with shitty shows such as Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and reruns Grim and Evil. They got rid of Evil Con Carne and turned it into Billy and Mandy and Naruto. Unlike Naruto’s, YYH characters are entirely different from one another. Each character has their own story, and weaknesses. Even the anime’s introduction features Yusuke as a typical Joe trouble-student whose life changes when he is forced to become a child by negligent drivers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Román Santos)
  • DragonBall Z is essentially DragonBall Z, with demons and ghosts as well as a deeper plot than the ki and aliens plots. (in Community Dictionary, added by Georgia Escobar)
  • It’s an excellent anime, and the best english dub I have ever seen. Get the uncut DVDs to enjoy it fully. (in Community Dictionary, added by Erin Blanchard)
  • Kick-ass anime about teenagers who confront demons. They also dwindle at the boundary between reality and fiction, life and death, humans and demons. This anime is rare in that the main character doesn’t focus on virtue and peace, and other things that make animes seem like heroes from comic books. It’s a horrible thing to see them do this. It runs for 104 episodes and has 7 stories. The last three are the longest. Yuske Urameshi is a fourteen-year-old loner. He has no friends and never goes to school. He is killed when a freak accident causes him to be run over by an automobile. The “grim reaper”, a young woman in a kimono riding on an oar, confronts him. She says that his death is not meant to occur, and he becomes a detective of the underworld. He uses a concentrated aura that is blow from his fingers as a gun to be his main weapon. Kuwabara joins him soon, who has a similar goal to defeat Yusuke in street fighting. Kurama is a calm individual, who is always pushing himself towards his suicide. Kurama, in essence, is a masochist. Hiei is a demon-convicted, who wields a sword but longs to eat the blood of his opponents. His “evil skin” never really comes off. Yu Yu Hakusho, which is basically, the most amazing anime made, comes after Fullmetal Alchemist and Trigun. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reuben Powell)
  • Yusuke Urameshi, 14, suddenly dies after pushing his child to the side of traffic. Because he is such a negative personality, the Spirit World caught him and demanded that he sacrifice his life. Yusuke quickly discovers that he was not supposed to die, and can have his body resurrected and raised to health. Yusuke, his friends, and Spirit Detective Yusuke are able to continue their adventures, be it an investigation, or even a fight tournament. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovany Jimenez)
  • Cartoon Network airs a manga-turned-anime. Amazing anime, despite all the horrible Cartoon Network programming. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cindy Whitaker)