Youngie means: Youngie, Meaning great ruler of the people A name that commands respect Eric is sometimes also used. He is a true gentleman with an incredible beard Sometimes it looks like Bernard fanning A term that refers to someone who is great at drinking beer. (in Community Dictionary, added by Catalina Nieto)

What else does Youngie mean?

  • An underage girl. jailbait+. Young girls are often more adventurous than jailbait because they seek out men with whom to have sex and most of the time succeed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cirino Hidalgo)
  • Etymology: This is derived from the expression Young which refers to inbred 1. A person with a limited gene pool 2. Person who is a partner in sexual activities with their extended and immediate family members. 3. The fking Inbred 4. A person who suffers from multiple contusions or hematomas due to violent sexual activities with their family. 5. A person whose facial hair is swollen. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lino Velasco)