Yopping means: Yopping refers to walking while drinking yoghurt. It is rare to be able to do this, so beginners should avoid trying. Yopping at speed is a skill that only the Yop monks from Tibet can master. They have both the ballance and the awareness to do it well. I repeat, don’t try to yop at high speeds as it can cause spillage and strawberry-smelling clothes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Iris Mcgee)

What else does Yopping mean?

  • You eat at the highest decibels possible and with the most disgusting of mouth movements. Children are often children of parents who do not have table manners. A favorite among the elderly at community cafes. Rarely, you’ll see community pillars yopping. These people often disappear a few weeks later in mysterious circumstances. (in Community Dictionary, added by Danica Flores)