Yoho means: A condition in which a person has a flaccid penis. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eusebio Delgado)

What else does Yoho mean?

  • This is a particularly unpleasant type of hemorhoid that can make a person feel like an ugly bitch while they are just going about their day. These symptoms can be particularly severe if you are trying to accomplish something very important. (in Community Dictionary, added by Josefa Suárez)
  • Useful for calling attention or shouting to draw attention. verb: 1. To shout “yoho!” (in Community Dictionary, added by Excursive)
  • America’s biggest fucking troll. A person so anxious that they cannot distract themselves from the world of their wives by bullying others. Only to then fail. (in Community Dictionary, added by Corey Henry)
  • Abbreviation: You are only here once An intelligenter acronym to try things you wouldn’t normally do. Yolo is “a dumbass’s excuse for doing something stupid.” Yoho means to tell someone that you’ve broken the social pressures “carpe diem for stupid people” and you do something because it is exciting. Contrary to saying, “What the hell, you only get one chance.” It can also refer to an area you have been, or a time in your life. However it isn’t as irritating and repetitive as Yolo. (in Community Dictionary, added by Antwan Suarez)
  • An older, conservative white male bully who is bloated with self-importance and who enjoys spewing hateful opinions publically, cursing all who are not in his camp, including progressive women of color. Ted Yoho from Florida, a notorious congressman for his brutal confrontation with AOC at the U.S. Capitol. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cassandra Hall)
  • A person whose descent includes a country no longer in existence. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cael Rios)