Yancy means: Although she is the most emotional girl in her class, many people don’t realize it. Creative. She’s very kind and helpful. People feel good in her presence. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kailyn Khan)

What else does Yancy mean?

  • You will meet the most beautiful girl. She is a great person with a great personality. You don’t want her to get mad. You want to flee from her madness because she is scary. Beware of her jealousy if you are her partner. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kiara Taylor)
  • The term “Yancy”, which is derived from the name of a character featured in 2004’s movie The Sleepover has become a broad and varied expression. V yancying, yancy’d 2. to finish eating food from another’s plate To eat large quantities of food, e.g. To eat a lot of food in a very short time. N pl. -ies 1. A fatass, one who loves brownies over celery. adj 1. Referring to, or characteristic of, a fatass. Used in conjunction with “so” that she’s so, so, etc. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pedro Page)
  • This is the most beautiful, gentlest, and loveliest prison boah. This will most certainly steal your heart. Protected at all cost. Although it may seem like he could be fatal, he is actually the most softie of all. Loves singing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elías Hernández)
  • You are the coolest man ever. If you don’t like him you are an idiot. And even worse if your thinking you can be as cool as him. Although yancy is often referred to as gay, it’s actually his friends who are gay. Although this is a great advantage for some, everyone wants their piece of the yancy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gardyloo)
  • You are simply the best at all things. Everyone wants Yancy. Women, mothers, grandmothers and your sister. The truth is that if he doesn’t have a woman yet, he will simply state 1. (in Community Dictionary, added by Miguel Calvo)