xylophone means: Pro-ana is a slang term that describes the visible appearance of the chest bones in a woman’s breasts due to extreme thinness. It can be interchanged with “xylobone.” “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Persnickety)

What else does xylophone mean?

  • This word was used by little children to misunderstand its spelling, even though it is very easy to spell. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ireneo Ortiz)
  • Move along a group of naked women, who are all bent down and then spank them with your penis. To play a tune on the women’s buttocks. The Greek words xylo and phonnicus mean ‘wood’, respectively. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alfred Glover)
  • Only one word that starts with ‘x’ is known to exist. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thalia Callahan)
  • Slang used by the entertainment and fashion industries, and frequently in the pro-ana community. It is often used to refer to visible chest bones in females due to their extreme thinness. The breastplate is the most prominent part of the breastplate because it has a xylophonic appearance. Synonymous to xylobone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Macey Cannon)
  • This percussion instrument consists of two mallets and a row of mounted wooden bars. (in AZ Dictionary)