x6 means: Formerly known as “X6mb”, he has seen a lot throughout his career. He bought several panels, including “Project Lunar”, and promoted them. This was shortly before his first fortnite account got banned because of cheating. He was then banned from Fortnite x6mb created a panel called Project x62.0. X6 rebranded Project x6 into a panel after botnets stopped being bought and panels were no longer available. Project x62.0 failed to succeed. He quit Xbox com in the following month and joined Fortnite Com. In November 2020, he created his first account. It was with Project x6 2.0. Some people had known him since his days at X6mb. He started to make tiktoks in December 2020 and began having altercations and arguments with infamous Fortnite com players, most notably Zanz AKA Zanz. Zanz was not aware of the potential dangers Fortnite com users could cause and Zanz made his account “Inactive” for his dominance. He lost his account, so he created a new one and began to work on himself. Zanz and x6 became close friends a few months later. On September 1, they released an album called Fortnite Com on Soundcloud. They received over 1000 listens in the first week. The x6mbs adventure continues to this day. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jasmine Atkinson)

What else does x6 mean?

  • The radio transmission of Counter-Strike. Participate in a team But it is normal to say. (in Community Dictionary, added by Palinode)