wooty means: He is a cock lover and uses his inability to attract the other sex to keep straight men away. Locally found in Coventry. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cruz Berry)

What else does wooty mean?

  • The term used to describe a blunt that contains weed and a bit of crack. (in Community Dictionary, added by Devyn Estes)
  • An unclean pooped face that eats poop as dinner. SCENTY POOP. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaron Joyce)
  • To racially incite members of Thailand’s society, the term wooty is often used. The term wooty refers mainly to members of Thailand who live in primitive areas and are uninhibited in Thailand. Wootys have many insults. They are often accused of being addicted to bamboo and hunting with spears. If two wootys live in the same area, they may fight to be the dominant male. (in Community Dictionary, added by Olivia Jackson)