Wog Meat means: Wear a blonde white girl is often liked by black people and is attracted to them. Wear she seems to be a black woman, or at most mostly. You can see the kind of brunette girls who do this just by looking at them. They are likely in their twenties or thirties and use sarcastic language to diss people. They will only swear when you make them laugh or if they are involved in serious matters that could expose their true identity. They are often called emily, nicky, megan or christina. They tend to take jobs as paramedics or police officers to appear like they are doing good or even modeling, which is probably what they dreamed of when they were young. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mya Summers)

What else does Wog Meat mean?

  • Noun, insult A beautiful white woman who only has sex on blackasian men. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laila Decker)