Winter Wonderland means: You went to the same place as your high school friends. They took you to a club, and you followed them. You feigned your IDs and wandered into the restroom. While taking out a bag full of powdered white powder. They pour the powder over the counter, and then shape the mounds with the fake IDs. You volunteered to answer the question about who would go first. You know what pop culture is all about so you lower your head, inhale through the nose and then go. Jeremy asks if you’ve reached Winter Wonderland. The hot jock responds “Yes we have.” You will find yourself in a different dimension when you are on a high from cocaine. (in Community Dictionary, added by Malachi Phillips)

What else does Winter Wonderland mean?

  • A Winter Wonderland is when a prostitution of any gender injects a gram cocaine into their genitals and continues to douse it in one’s nostrils. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovan Fuller)
  • Winter Wonderland can also be called a bukkake. It is basically when many men give sperm to one woman until they cover her in “wonderlands” of semen. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaelynn Moss)
  • A large area covered in snow and ice. This is most common in winter regions. Do not listen to the ratchet definitions of sexual acts. Life is too short for such shameful crap. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mylee Sweeney)
  • An older, grey-haired and sexually appealing woman. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adan Thomas)
  • If your partner doesn’t clean up your spunk after jerking you off. Let the cum dry to become crustyflaky. You can then flake the cum onto an unsuspecting victim, and shout “Winter Wonderland!” (in Community Dictionary, added by Dixie Weber)