Widge means: The secong syllable “Sewidge” This is used to suggest foul breath. It’s really foul-smelling and very stinky. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rory Roman)

What else does Widge mean?

  • It is a harmless term for “Will on the Bridge”. Hannah S first used it in November 2017. It quickly evolved into many catchphrases. (in Community Dictionary, added by Odón Arias)
  • Alternatives to “Penis” Also can be used to insult someone or people in a nonthreatening manner. (in Community Dictionary, added by Phoebe Pacheco)
  • One cock is called a widge. It’s that simple. (in Community Dictionary, added by Susan Caldwell)
  • This general term refers to all persons, animals, and things that can be described as loving, kind, friendly, cute, and/or amiable. It can be used to refer to someone or as a compliment. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cheyanne Fry)
  • Verb: To get all of the pleasure from an activity and do it repeatedly until you become addicted. To play the same song repeatedly, for example. The following sentence led to the unusual verb. It is a corruption from the noun “widget”. “When I like a songbookgamewidget I tend to listenreadplaywidge all the shit it has.” It was then that the expression “to widge all the shit out” became a common phrase, which eventually gave rise to simply “to widge.” ‘. (in Community Dictionary, added by Savion Odom)
  • UK English Primary School Word for Penis: More childish than Willy. You can make the wiggler longer if needed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Archipelago)