wibby means: A caption that is not useful or meaningful to an image. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jorge Wall)

What else does wibby mean?

  • A digital wizard Someone who can solve problems using computers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ignacio Gallego)
  • This strange looking creature is extremely spotty, and can sometimes be said to resemble Spock’s son. “Wibby”, a lurking member of an IRC group, is often found unwelcomed. He boasts about his IRC network size, number of friends and girlfriend to compensate for the lack of “size”. Although it is useful for entertainment purposes, the Wibby quickly becomes annoying. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eliseo Montero)
  • A model citizen, a man who almost everyone admires and loves, his good mannered personality and appetizing looks only add to his admiration and love for society. Women who are looking to have children for the sake of enhancing their family tree through the breeding of wibby blood will be among his greatest admirers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gardyloo)
  • Verb: To be vigilant about something like money, fuel, electricity, fuel or food so that it doesn’t go waste. This is a reference to an expensive resource, however many people use it more often than they need. (in Community Dictionary, added by César Campos)