Whorehey means: He is an abuser of women. You will be led on by him and then break your heart. He might even beat you! (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovan Carey)

What else does Whorehey mean?

  • Juggalo with red hair and a thick, raggedy mustache. Most likely has septum and lip piercings similar to its 2010. Is likely to smell like stale Pall Mall flavors. Every female who walks past feels compelled comment. He has had sex once with a hottie, but now he thinks he’s a lady man. Hideous. (in Community Dictionary, added by Phillip Herring)
  • A Whorehey alternative pronunciation of George is “George”. It’s often rupulsive, has an unusual mustache and might smile with a small mouth. You can see terrible photos of them on their Facebook page. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tabitha Huang)
  • An acronym for smartasscocky, law-abiding, and crime-stopping player thugs that look like mexicans but deny any Mexican heritage. (in Community Dictionary, added by Philip Houston)