White woman means: These women are often natives of Europe or the Caucasus. These women are typically fair-skinned, and can have different eye and hair colors. You can also find them in different hair styles and body types. Because of their unique features and color, they are often regarded as stunning. Because of their rarity, blonde-haired and blue-eyed White women are regarded as unique and placed on a greater pedestal. (in Community Dictionary, added by Landyn Cowan)

What else does White woman mean?

  • The original European women. These are the rarest of races and may have blonde, brown, or black hair. You can also have brown eyes, blue or green. Brown is the most common. Women of different races often envy them. They are often copied by other women who bleach their hair and wear colored contacts lenses. Contrary to what many believe, white women do not tan simply because they don’t like who they are. While other races may have reddened hair or blondes, it is more likely they are European-ancestors. (in Community Dictionary, added by Salvio Esteban)
  • This is a term for a caucasian, fair-skinned woman. They are usually of Western European ancestry, but can also be found elsewhere in the world. Their skin tones are not as varied as those of other races, and brown is the most popular hair color. However, there are some with red hair or blonde hair. Although media controlled by white men try to convince society this is the perfect woman, other men prefer the women from their culture. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mya Summers)