White Girl Wasted means: John the state gets in after he sneaks off to the pub with Sue’s permission. (in Community Dictionary, added by Halle Fox)

What else does White Girl Wasted mean?

  • A girl can drink as much alcohol as she likes. No matter their age, most girls in the south have seen a white girl get wasted at least once. (in Community Dictionary, added by Haven Miranda)
  • You can get extremely drunk on a small amount of alcohol. This does not apply to all races or genders. This is a similar expression to Ghetto Booty. Ie. You don’t need to be “ghetto”, to get the booty. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaliyah Schaefer)
  • This is a condition that occurs when someone drinks too much alcohol, and then continues to embarrass their friends and themselves for as long as they can remember. This is often characterized by offbeat dancing and stripping, as well as groping people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Averi Carr)
  • While singing along to “Call Me Maybe”, you point at other people while the song’s “Hey, this is crazy” section. You tell your friends, family and strangers how much you love them after the song ends. You then steal some wings from a stranger’s table, probably with their beer. You realize that you had been texting your boyfriend all night, and you accidentally slept with a lesbian the next morning. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bentley Gross)
  • A state of being completely drunk or uncontrolled. This term was originally used to describe younger, whiter girls who had consumed too much alcohol. The result is often incoherence, brief “skankyness”, and then a rapid emotional collapse. These are followed by a series of drunken swear words and total trashiness, and then finally, a collapse in the upstairs bedroom as they’re too drunk to return home. (in Community Dictionary, added by Uriel Hardy)
  • A person who is extremely drunk or high, or both. This term comes from extreme inebriation that white women typically experience between the ages of 17 and 27. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kallie Frederick)