White Girl means: White girls are those who talk in a ghetto manner, often dropping the n-word and denying they are white. The search for the best dick ends in them falling in love with a black man. When a white girl is called out, she gets very offended. Her close friends are her best friends, and she is very aggressive towards her male friends. Her favorite strain is the most affordable. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kamryn Benjamin)

What else does White Girl mean?

  • 2019 White Girls Vsco Billy Eilish Crocs Shell Chokers – Adidas – Softball, Volleyball and Basketball Tik Tok Tik Tok Boys Obsession Instagram Memes Starbucks Instagram has over 200 followers – LuLu Lemons: shorts, leggings – Hollister, Urban Outfitters – Thrifting – Beauty Gurus JAMES CHARLES Hydroflasks – Redbubble Stickers Greys Anatomy, PLL and Friends, The Office Snapscore has over 40,000 users Private Stories – E-Girls Add your thoughts. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sean Dennis)
  • Lightly complex female who can be found sitting at Starbucks, sipping her PSL pumpkin spice lattes, and taking countless selfies. She also enjoys browsing social media, checking her Instagram, or watching new Netflix series while she enjoys Nutella. Infinity scarves, leggings, and uggs are her favorite wardrobe items. You can use phrases like “Oh my God”, “literally dying”, and “I just cannot” (in Community Dictionary, added by Contraband)
  • You got lost while driving to Starbucks, because your eyes were not focused on your iPhone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elisabeth Cervantes)
  • Some people are sensitive to their popularity and vanity. This is often the case with Apple products and Starbucks followers. They believe that because it’s expensive, it must be cool. White girls are not all Caucasian, and there is no one “white girl”. Because the definition of white girls is solely based on personality, any gender and ethnic background could be considered. (in Community Dictionary, added by Julius Petty)
  • Are you a fan of black leggings? Shop at PINK Victoria’s Secret to get PINK products bras, pants, yoga panties, sweatshirts and t-shirts Do you prefer a different nail color for your ring finger? Are you a collector of jewelry or clothing that looks like an infinity symbol? Do you check your Instagram constantly to see how many people like your photo? Are you a Ugg-seller or an imitation Uggs owner? Are you a “squad” who loves to hang out with Starbucks and sip vanilla bean frappuchinos? All your jeans are American Eagle and Hollister Your white Keds are a must-have accessory Did you use bae ironically? Are you a proud owner of an iPhone? Don’t you just LOVE emojis Are you a sheepish and sloppy person in front of men on purpose? Did you use the expression “I can’t even?”? If you answered “yes” to more than three of the questions, then BITCH YOUR WHITE AS FUCKKK. (in Community Dictionary, added by Biotaxy)
  • A “white girl” is a Caucasian teenager who has the following characteristics: Has an unhealthy obsession with Starbucks and tries to get likes from her friends on Instagram; uses emojis too much, speaks a ghetto dialect; takes millions of selfies and deletes 99. You could list many other traits but it would not be fair. They change all the time so be careful. They may love Nutella one week, but they will soon abandon it the next. (in Community Dictionary, added by Snollygoster)
  • Person who is: Wears uggs wears yoga pants Drinks starbucks Correct your grammar A white iPhone Often, extensions are available They deny that they are a white girl. (in Community Dictionary, added by Joaquín Guerrero)
  • One of many people who posts photos on Instagram and Tumblr about Starbucks. Wears Ugg Boots, leggings, and often posts about Nutella’s greatness when everyone knows. A White Girl will be seen wearing her Ugg Boots, leggings, and an IPhone at Starbucks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tara Andrews)
  • The term for cocaine is more commonly used in schools so that teachers don’t know what you are talking about. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rowan Roy)