Whirly Girl means: 1. A girl who leads a worldly life. This girl lives according to the “pleasure principle”, living only for today. This doesn’t mean that she is reckless, wasteful, or irresponsible. It doesn’t matter if she is wealthy. She is absorbed by the culture around her and wants to share the joy with others, but not in a Care Bears- or Pollyanna manner. Sunshine Girl. 2. A hit song for OXO, an American new-wave band from 1983. Former Foxy lead singer “Get Off” Ish Ledesma founded OXO along with Frank Garcia (bass player) and Freddy Alwag (drummer). OXO’s biggest hit, “Whirly Girl”, was initially called “Worldly Girl.” It was about Ish Ledesma, the wife of OXO. It also mentions that she followed the Rolling Stones on all of their tours, among other things. (in Community Dictionary, added by Begoña Prieto)