wheelbarrow means: Heavy mountain bikes are usually seen only on hills being pushed up and walked down. (in Community Dictionary, added by Iris Duke)

What else does wheelbarrow mean?

  • Trusted male friend, who has the responsibility of ensuring that a girl is safe while out clubbing. This includes getting her safely home. She will need the wheelbarrow to protect her from unwanted male attention and take her home if she gets too drunk. He may have to take her home by piggyback, transport her up the stairs and hold her hair as she vomits. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenneth Floyd)
  • 21st Century symbol for Western Communism Modern Hammer and Sickle, representing Communism (in Community Dictionary, added by Rebekah Diaz)
  • Intercourse against a wall is the wheelbarrow position. As the woman leans against the wall and her legs are pushed apart by the man, he presses in on her. This allows for more G-spot stimulation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alonso Benítez)
  • Small loads can be transported by a one- or 2-wheeled vehicle equipped with handles in the rear. (in AZ Dictionary)