whatevering means: Flirting is when a couple flirts, usually in public and while they ignore their surroundings. Sexual intercourse can often be implied. Sometimes, the term “sex intercourse” can be used to denote either the making of part or the actual act. (in Community Dictionary, added by Abel Wright)

What else does whatevering mean?

  • Meetup.com is a group that meets up to hike, meet up, and do whatever else they like. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ladislao Giménez)
  • A verbed version of anything. Engage in unspecified activities; often a term for casual sexual behaviour. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arturo Garrido)
  • Engagement in sexual or romantic behavior with another person in an unclear way does not necessarily mean monogamy, commitment to a serious relationship or the need for fidelity. Talking and dating are related but not necessarily synonymous. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Janelle Atkinson)