wet back means: This is a description of a young girl. A girl baby at birth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Benedicto Mora)

What else does wet back mean?

  • This is a condition in which women enjoy having sex outdoors. (in Community Dictionary, added by Petronila Serrano)
  • To properly perform “The Wetback”, you must sneak in to the bathroom when someone else is showering – she should be shampooing her hair with her eyes closed. You will then need to quietly take the curtain off the shower, and drop your hair. Hot water can make fart smell particularly ripe and traps it inside the shower curtain. She has shampoo in her hair, and she doesn’t have to go anywhere. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laila Buck)
  • It is a mexican racial slang. This is what mexican farmers in the fields use to refer to their sweaty backs. The name “wet back” is derived from this. (in Community Dictionary, added by Janelle Ray)
  • Racial Slang. This refers to any Hispanic illegal immigrants Origin The implication is that it’s a wet. Back results from crossing rivers borders Swimming. Swimming is generally considered to be a good choice. A slur that is offensive. Also called “wetback” (in Community Dictionary, added by Dean Pope)
  • Originated as a nickname for Mexicans greasers, beaners, and pepper bellies, legally or illegally within the country. It is a term that originated in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona at the American Southwest border. Common usage now refers to illegal immigrants from any country. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pancracio Ruiz)