weeshna means: You can use N,v in any form that you think of, such as adj or adv. Weeshna (pronounced wehe na faster) is a majestic creature that was possibly brought down by the wonderful and mystic kim-jung un many million years ago. Later, he was abandoned and left alone to survive. For a while, he was the third man to be born. Weeshna was responsible for many great achievements, including swimming on the land and the extermination of dinosaurs. Sheeshna was the one who raised the twin founders, Romulus and reamus. This part of the legend, although not widely known, is that he was also responsible for helping romulus to stage a fight against reamus. He then took both of them. Although originally named Weeshnaville, the city was quickly renamed Rome for PR reasons. This was his last major role, aside from his important part in the War of 1912. He is a reincarnation of himself several times. The eye of the Leon is not to be confused. This item is more valuable and highly sought-after currently in the possession of Katy Perry. He currently appears as an Asian boy who is severely handicapped and has a passion for Austrailian girls. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adalyn Macdonald)