WE OUT HERE means: This is because you’ve seen this definition in an ad. (in Community Dictionary, added by Patricia Mcgrath)

What else does WE OUT HERE mean?

  • There are 87 chances that the expression “I’m unemployed” will be used synonymously. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tabitha Cherry)
  • The term is a San Francisco term that was first used by professional skateboarder Larry Redmon. He created it to describe the hard work of consistently practicing skateboarding tricks…skating hard…putting forth effort. The term is now used to denote being “out here” on the hustle, in the grind, and surviving the struggle. The term also refers to the SF ISLANDMOBB skaters who use the ‘Island’ in downtown San Francisco. They skate at the end Market Street across from the Ferry Building. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laney Gould)
  • An expression that refers to the way a particular group of people is “out here” on the streets to earn a living. Toronto and New York Gangstas use this term frequently. (in Community Dictionary, added by Victoria Álvarez)