wavy gravy means: The term marijuana was invented by youth in New Haven CT’s Westville area. Named after the residual marijuana leaves at end of a joint. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maliyah Mcfarland)

What else does wavy gravy mean?

  • This is a nicer way to say cum when speaking in front of people who may be offended at the term cum. cum sperm jizz ejaculate spunk. (in Community Dictionary, added by Quicksticks)
  • A term used by the Volkswagen community for poor bodywork on Type 34 Ghia Speedsters. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aitor Santana)
  • Sasha produced this classic track. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luis Núñez)
  • The classic icon of the hippy flower geezer, a positively sick one. Jahanarah, Camp Winnarainbow’s founder. This would be my Wavy Gravy theme song: Wavy Gravy This guy is a true hippy. He would be so close to me! Because we’d start a cult. This cult loves peace Peanuts would be a great choice. Peanuts taste delicious Peace tastes quite good. Wavy Gravy served as the Woodstock emcee and shares amazing stories about his life. His book can probably be bought at Borders. Wavy Gravy has made many friends, had no enemies and appears to not have any regrets. (in Community Dictionary, added by Deja Mcguire)
  • Hippie MC, Woodstock. Hugh Romney is his real name. His one-linner reputation is legendary. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maritza Chaney)