Wata-Gata-Pitus-Berry means: Urban slang of Caribbean and Spanish origin that invites a girl to have sex. WATA is an exaggerated sound made by a whip. It also refers to the sound Bruce Lee makes when he hits someone. A caribbean-spanish speaker may pronounce it. For example, “BAM”, for a Batman fist strike. GATA is the name of a female cat. It can also be used in caribbean-spanish to refer to a girl. PITUS is the result of combining two Spanish words into one word. The word PI comes from PA slang. TUS is the term for TU=YOUR. As with few other sub-languages and slang dialects, the word “BERRY” can be used in a dual standard meaning. It refers to either the male or female “genitalia”, as shown in the following song phrase: Abir El Kissberry- Referred to Female Genital “Open Your, Berrys Lips” Si mami, ese is el fruit-refers to females’ genital “Yes baby that’s the strawberry.” Esto es para todas las ladys The strouberry is a male genital reference. “To those girls that love the strawberrypenis,” La que le gusta The top of the penis is shaped like a strawberry, and it’s connected to the vaginas vertical lines. Wata-Gata-Pitus-Berry=Bang-girl,-forin your-vagina. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryan Weiss)

What else does Wata-Gata-Pitus-Berry mean?

  • Sensato del Patio and Black Point invented the word. Black Point posted several Youtube videos where he explains that the term has no real meaning, as it is completely gibberish. The word has no double meaning. It is not slang. I am a Stdgo native and have visited it many times. For whatever reasons, some people have started to make up false meanings for this word. But everyone needs to know that esta palabra nu tiene significado The song was written to mock Dominicans who pretend to speak English to have fun. Watagatapitusberry was just an unrelated word that Black Point made to illustrate how the Dominican man thinks he speaks English. You’ll be able to hear the gibberish that he “raps”, and listen to the lyrics to understand. Esta cancion esta relajando a algunos Dominicanos que creen que saben hablar Ingles. Watagatapitusberry es una palabra sin significado inventada por Black Point y Sensato. En la cancion el rapea fingiendo saber Ingles y lo que dice ni el mismo lo entiende JAJAJA, escuchen las palabras de la cancion para que puedan entender el significado de todo esto. Black Point has said it. Search for: BLACKPOINT explains the meaning of WATAGATPITUSBERRY ON CONNEXION URBAN SUN9-11PM Also: Watagatapitusberry is a meaning. Black PointSensato del Patio entrevistainterview. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mckenzie Evans)