Wanksy means: Modern art is reminiscent of a Banksy left in the sheets post-coitus. It’s a mixture of quim, jizz. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tyree Rowland)

What else does Wanksy mean?

  • Wanksy can be described as art that is created by ejaculating over walls, floors, sheets, or partners. Cum splatter is unique and creates its own patterns. If you look closely, you might be able to see a picture. (in Community Dictionary, added by Suaveolent)
  • This term is used to denote wannabe or amatuer graffiti artists. Wanksy is a name taken from Banksy, a popular graffitistencil artist. (in Community Dictionary, added by Julián Márquez)
  • A banky-hating group of stubborn bastards adopted the Bansky name. They are often too thick or incompetent to understand the meaning of the image. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lorelai Dougherty)
  • He is a mysterious character best known for his underground art. Although his talent is recognized worldwide, some critics still shun him. His primary focus is on paper and drawing birds on media. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicolás Ferrer)