Wall Bang means: Call Of Duty Black Ops gives you the opportunity to get an FMJ shot through a wall. You’ll feel more like saying “wall bang” than “fmj shot”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Efrén Romero)

What else does Wall Bang mean?

  • This is a slightly sinister way of describing how to shoot through walls to score a kill in Call of Duty. You can use wall banging to find out where the enemy team is spawning in Domination games. Wall banging is easier thanks to the Deep Impact perk available in CoD4 or CoD:WaW, and the attachment FMJ that can be found in CoD.MW2. This reduces damage the bullets suffer when they are fired through walls. For the Extended Mags attachment in MW2, you must conduct 40 wall bangs using the FMJ attachment. (in Community Dictionary, added by Troglodyte)
  • A FPS allows you to shoot through walls or other objects. Popularized by popular games like Counter-strike or CoD. (in Community Dictionary, added by Britches)