Waccoe means: WACCOE is short for We Are Champions of Europe, Champions of Europe. Leeds supporters think that they’re chamions of Europe, but they don’t realize they have the capacity to be better than they really are. They won’t win league one. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ace Hanson)

What else does Waccoe mean?

  • Forum created for Leeds Utd. fans. Recently, it has been home to quotes from Smith’s songs as well as reports about cousins’ experiences with former Leeds players. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicomedes García)
  • WACCOE stands for “We are Champions, Champions Of Europe”. Leeds United performs this song and waves the scarfs fast until the end. March on together. (in Community Dictionary, added by Julia Martín)
  • Leeds United fans are a great bunch. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kathryn Weeks)