VIP means: Bigbang is a Korean pop band. Their fandom is also called vip. (in Community Dictionary, added by Noelia Hernández)

What else does VIP mean?

  • Variation in production It occurs when drummer and bassdubstep, and possibly other dance music producers release a new version of the exact same song. This is done to shock the crowd by releasing something new and memorable. The VIP treatment is usually reserved for tracks that are already popular. A remix is different than a mix, as it changes the track in a significant way, and sometimes retains only a small portion of the original. Remixes can be a completely different style. Many VIPs don’t get released commercially and instead are given to DJs for their entertainment. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kyson Lin)
  • One Very Important Person Two Variations in Production This is used in electronic music, such as drum and Bass or breakbeat. The VIP remixes major parts of the original track but makes it unique. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jerome Mccoy)
  • Propounded as separate letters This is a very important person. (in Community Dictionary, added by Emilia Campos)
  • It is the act of sitting in the rear seat of a vehicle when there are no front seats. (in Community Dictionary, added by Urijah Gonzalez)