vegemite sandwich means: Anal sex is when the male takes his or her penis and cleans it. This is one-up on dirty sanchez. An ‘Aussie Vegemite Sandwich is the result. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ignacio Harding)

What else does vegemite sandwich mean?

  • A muscular Belgian man is known to hand tourists to the OZ a sandwich. He may not appear like a middle-aged woman, but he will likely speak your language. He will often give you the sandwich after he has finished. He said, “I’m from the land below, where beer flows and men chunder. Can you hear? You need to run. (in Community Dictionary, added by Onanism)
  • This is what happens when a woman gives anal to her man wearing a strap-on, then she covers it with her pussy and tells him to eat her Vegemite sandwich. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sam Michael)
  • White ass, who believes they are black. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yolanda Pascual)
  • An act of sexual intimacy in which one person vomits on the other’s body and continues to ejaculate onto the pile. This gives off a dark brown and salty flavor. The two people then hug and complete the “sandwich”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Inés Velasco)
  • A vegemite sandwich is a request for a rimjob by someone who’s just defecated. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maximillian Gibson)
  • Vegemite sandwich For getting your sex licked, homosexuals use a code word. Vegemite sandwiches were first popularized in 1980’s by men at work, as “Downunder” sang. The song contains many references to homosexuality. See the below excerpt to see the “Real Meaning” “Buying bread from an old man in Brussels” Six foot four tall and full of muscle, he was My response was, “Does your language sound like mine?” His smile was all that I needed to get a Vegemite sandwich from him. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisco Rodríguez)